About Us

Cine Designs was established in 2006 with the goal of offering the best possible home theater experience within the budget of our clients. We specialize in the design and construction of dedicated home theaters.

Each home theater project is unique. We rarely come across a space which is perfect in all respects for an ideal home theater. A designer has to work within these limitations and come up with the best possible design, which is our primary design goal. Besides, we take into consideration the client’s requirements, personal preferences and budget to offer the best solution.

Cine Designs is a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) and has professional certification from CEDIA. As a customer this guarantees to you that you are dealing with an experienced professional that is trained and certified by the leading industry association who follows ethical business practices.

We supply all the items you will need for your home theater setup. These include not only audio video equipment, but also seating, lighting, acoustic panels, wall fabrics, etc. For both materials and services, our prices are most competitive.

By integrating different technologies used in a modern home theater, we create a unique experience which our clients and their families can enjoy for several years. We make the operation of this complex setup as easy as possible using a remote control or your iPad/iPhone.

In every project we do, we ensure that the client gets the best value for their investment. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. Being a small company, we are able to offer personalized care, attention and support to our clients which most online vendors and large companies can’t. Due to this, most of our business is generated through referrals from satisfied customers.

Cine Designs serve customers in Northern Virginia.

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Your Home, Your Dream.

Unfortunately, it's not just about the dream; it's about the apprppriate design, proper equipment selection, qualified installation and professional calibration.

A home theater is more than a set of equipment connected together. It is an aesthetically pleasing environment where you can experience faithfully reproduced picture and sound content of the original movie as the director intended. Creating such an environment calls for knowledge and experience which most homeowners and general contractors lack.