Our Services

We provide a variety of services starting from design to final calibration of your setup. We take pride in the quality and professionalism in our services.


Initial consultation is free. We try to understand your requirements, viewing habits, and budget. This helps us recommend the best solution for your situations.


Everything starts with a good design. A home theater built without a proper design will have flaws which can haunt you for years. Our design services start as low as $750. It is the best $750 you can invest for your home theater.

Room Acoustics

Believe it or not, only a small portion of the sound you hear in a home theater comes directly from the speakers. Most of what enters your ears is actually reflected off the walls and other surfaces in the room. Proper acoustic treatment tames these sound reflections through the use of absorbers, diffusers, bass traps, and other specialty devices. This improves dialog clarity, imaging and overall experience. In a room with poor acoustic characteristics, even expensive equipment and speakers can sound poor.

Professional Installation

Audio Video equipment has grown in complexity. It is a haunting task for an average homeowner to install and set up everything properly. We can install you projector, screen, speakers, and all the electronics properly. Then we set them up for optimum performance.

System Integration

Today’s home theater is a complex environment. Proper system integration ensures that the complexity is hidden from the user. With an intuitive easy to use universal remote control which is custom programmed for your setup, it becomes easy to enjoy the theater for every member of your family. Also we offer iPad/iPhone/iPod control of your theater through your home wireless network.

Video and Audio Calibration

Video calibration ensues that your projector is fine tuned to produce the most accurate video, faithfully reproducing the original content. Audio calibration not only adjusts the sound from each speaker, but also compensates for room imperfections. Professional video and audio calibration ensure that your experience is close to the director’s artistic intent.

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Why design is important?

If you start with a bad design, or no design, you will never end up with a great theater. Our design includes: Room Design, Electrical Design, Audio Design, Video Design, Lighting Design, Seating Design, Remote Integration, Network Integration, Room Acoustics, Sound Proofing, and Cabling. A good design ensures that your theater is built for the best possible performance. Don't try to save money on the design and end up with a poorly performing theater.

Can I use my iPad?

Yes, you can use your iPad (or iPhone / iPod) to control the theater. We can custom program and setup your device for this. Also, Marantz products support Airplay which allows you stream music directly from your phone or iPad to the audio system. Both these features use WiFi and your home wireless network.